[Wolves] script for web form

roundyz roundyz at hotpop.com
Thu Sep 22 23:19:19 BST 2005

where would i put this script?
its so a form can call it and mail me of the info in the form fields.

its php, a guy offered it to me on irc, but he had to leave before he could 
explain how to use it.

	$MsgBody 		= "";					// don't delete me plzkthx
	$TargetEmail	= "roundyz at hotpop.com";
	$Subject		= "Web Enquiry";
	$From			= $TargetEmail;			// Only change this if you want to reply to a 
different address
	$Redirect		= "";					// Put a URL in the quotes if you want to redirect the 
	foreach($_POST as $Key => $Value)
			$MsgBody .= htmlentities(Key).":".htmlentities($Value)."\r\n";
	// Send the mail
 		mail($TargetEmail, $Subject, $MsgBody, 
     		"From: ".		$TargetEmail."\r\n"
    		."Reply-To: ".	$TargetEmail."\r\n"
		if (strlen($Redirect)>0)
				header("location: ". $Redirect."\r\n");


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