[Wolves] help with apache and smoothwall

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 20:22:44 BST 2005

I think I have 1 of 2 (because there's always 2) problems

1) on my local box apache2/php/and mysql I can
http://localhost/testphp.php and it's running same if I use any pc on
my network via http://ipaddress.of.local.server/testphp.php.
2) can't seem to get it via my smoothwall box ie ?!? grrrrrrrrrrr

when I look at my smoothwall set up it says webserver running,  I can
ping it's red zone ip address and it responds.  I have set up incoming
access for http and port forwarding to the ip address of the apache
localbox.  So why can I not view it?

2 reasons spring to mind, either I haven't configured the port
forwarding correctly or there is a more serious problem..  But i don't
know what.

can someone please try the web address above and let me know if it
timesout please.
Seek That Thy Might Know

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