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Wed Sep 28 15:43:45 BST 2005


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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'd be quite happy to help RoundZ out, if he wants?
> > I could pick em up and either hold on to them until next 
> meet or (if its
> > not too great a distance) I could drop em off at some point 
> in the mean
> > time.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > SimonB
> >
> > Ps, I may bring beer this time, (though I still dont drink)
> Hey Simon that would be good mate, I never planned to be ill 
> [I was really 
> looking forward to filming it again too :(] , and I forgot 
> about the books, 
> been very busy recently.
> I do feel much better today than yesterday but it ain't work 
> me giving it to 
> you all....
> Have a beer on me, and I'll see you when I return from 
> holiday, at the next 
> meeting.

Not a problem, 'just happy to be of service' :)
So, go recover and have fun on hol etc :) just remind me to bring em to
the next meet your there, my memory is going due to old age, heh.

Cheers for the drink but I'll stick to me water, don’t drink much else
these days.



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