[Wolves] Video of last talk

SimonB SimonB at geek-web.co.uk
Fri Sep 30 21:37:25 BST 2005

Hi all,


Im uploading the video as we speak, but I'm having one small issue, I'm
having difficulty converting it to a diff format. The link below is to the
original file but it's a 3gp file. Whenever I converted it the video was
fine but the audio was screwed up, (sounded like everyone was a Smurf with a
terrible stutter). Anyway the 3gp file is available from:




If anyone wants to try and convert it, they are welcome to.


Just for the record I don't think filming the talks with a phone is a good
idea, infact it's pretty bad though it was worth a try. (Read as phone = not
great quality and in proprietary format)





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