[Wolves] Sharing a printer without a computer

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 10:34:46 BST 2006

Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Is it possible to buy a small device that I can plug into my
> (parallel) printer and plug into the network, to allow all my
> computers (Windows and Linux) to print to that printer over the
> network? At the moment the printer is connected to a (Windows)
> computer, and that computer shares the printer with SMB -- I'd like to
> not have a big computer do that but instead have a tiny box do it. Is
> this possible?
Yes you want a HP Jetdirect (or a similar make) like this one
currently £7.50

> As an extra wrinkle...the printer does not have Linux drivers. I'm
> sharing it to Linux machines by having the Windows box export it as a
> PostScript printer and then print to it using GhostScript.
Err, not sure how you handle this - I know when used one years ago my 
Linux boxes talked to the Jetdirect, but then again
it was plugged into a HP printer - for which drivers would have been 

This might be useful, should be able to print directly to it as a 
postscript printer
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