[Wolves] Re: Sharing a printer without a computer

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Wed Apr 5 13:36:07 BST 2006

> > Ah, you see, I don't really want to use a laptop. They're a bit big,
> > and not very tidy...
> What?
> 1. Disable all power saving features so that when the lid is shut it still
> runs
> 2. I have one now that is 1 inch high X 11 inches wide X 9 inches deep
> Beggars cant be choosers

Ah, see, I'm not a beggar. I'm quite happy to pay some money for the
box I need; I just don't know what box I need. I'm not necessarily
trying to do this on the cheap. :)


<Cl0ckwork> i hate it when explorer crashes, losing my system tray,
and irc is minized to it
<slick> I hate when I kick a dog and then the owner see's me and I
have to kill him

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