[Wolves] Re: Sharing a printer without a computer

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 15:04:07 BST 2006

Stuart Langridge wrote:

>>If you want to go computer rather than Jetdirect, then get an old laptop
>Ah, you see, I don't really want to use a laptop. They're a bit big,
>and not very tidy...
I would recommend something similar to the one I brought to the hardware hacking talk I did - it's about 20cm square by 5cm and stands on end, so the footprint is tiny. I have a motherboard that we can arrange a price for if you want it, and you can get a morex case from itx-warehouse.co.uk. The case I have comes with a 12v fanless psu. I also have a compactflash hdd caddy, which should make the finished product very quiet. You could probably squeeze a wireless card in with one of my right angle adapters fitted. I might be tempted to play with it if you don't feel like having a go ;)


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