[Wolves] Soooooooo off-topic

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 09:08:53 BST 2006

david wrote:

>>I think that this was a sensible move.  It's interesting that they are
>>having an open beta process.  I guess this is a shot to pick up
>>market-share from MS, especially with the new delay on Vista.
>Seeing as how they will both end up on the same hardware, doesn't this
>make it much easier for them to come up with a way to stop dual booting
>with Linux systems, thus killing it off leaving people with a choice of
>two proprietary systems or do without?
>I keep hearing rumours to this effect.
I think Apple have explicitly denied this, saying they would not try to 
stop anyone running Linux on the Intel boxes. My colleague had Windows 
runnings on his Mac Mini about a week ago using a free software kludge 
and most things worked. I guess they had this ready in the background 
but were trying to slow down the people who might have gone straight to 
Windows without trying OS X..

Now the conspiracy theory side of my brain is taking over... any version 
of Linux that enforces DRM perhaps?


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