[Wolves] Sharing a printer without a computer

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 09:52:28 BST 2006

Stuart Langridge wrote:

>>>As an extra wrinkle...the printer does not have Linux drivers. I'm
>>>sharing it to Linux machines by having the Windows box export it as a
>>>PostScript printer and then print to it using GhostScript.
>>It's late so maybe my brain is running slow but doesn't that mean it is
>>a PostScript printer; or is the Windows box converting the PostScript to
>>the printer's native language?
>That's exactly what it's doing; the "Linux shared printer" actually
>uses Ghostscript to interpret the PostScript it's passed and then GS
>prints that PostScript to the printer using the Windows printer
Right, so Ghostscript is running on Windows, not on Linux. A quick Google for the printer appeared to come back with Windows drivers for a couple of different PCLs and PostScript (maybe optional) but are these real drivers to in-built printer emulations or did Ghostscript come with the printer and is providing the emulation? 

All the best sources of information seem to be in German. I have certificates that prove I can't speak German and I got worse the longer I tried.

If you get past the driver problem then beware that there are at least 3 
different protocols for talking to print servers. The old way was known 
as reverse-telnet (send and hope.) Some servers pretend to be a Unix 
LPR/LPD servers and there is now an official IP printing protocol called 
IPP that does proper 2-way-comms so that once everything works the 
printer can tell you it's run out of toner.

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