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Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Fri Apr 7 11:52:55 BST 2006

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Peter Evans wrote:

> I've recently watched all four back seasons of '24' almost back to back and it 
> was fairly apparent that this was going on.  In the first season the only 
> identifiable machines in common use were Apples - their distinctive design 
> means they don't need massive 'name' labels.  In the second series there were 
> more and more 'generic PCs', which looked like Compaqs, but what really stood 
> out was the number of shots where people working at a PC are filmed so that 
> the rear top half of the monitor is in shot.  Then you started to see the 
> 'HP' and Dell labels really stand out and the flavour changes from season to 
> season.

Firstly I admire your endurance - thats the best part of a week of TV.
24 is my favourite show.

In the first series all of the bad guys used Dell, all of the good guys
used Apple (Don't know how Mr Bradshaw is going to take that news), and
it was confirmed as a plot line when one of the supposed good guys
(Nina) was unearthed as a traitor - she was one of the only CTU agents
to use a Dell.

In the last series (4) there was an amazing amount of Cisco product
placement. There was a 30-40 second scene where an alarm went off and
they start to discuss a hacking attack on the network. "Luckily the
Cisco network security appliance found it and isolated it". Cue massive
screenshot of a Cisco security product. End of scene.

That segment had nothing to do with the plot line at all for that
episode - it was blatent product placement. Cisco even had the clip on
the front page of cisco.com that week.


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