[Wolves] Multisession CDRW with DSL like puppy linux and related.

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 7 14:14:10 BST 2006


You may be aware that you can multisession a dvdrw or
cdrw like puppy lunix.  Hence you can save your work
on the actual distro cd. Is this possible with DSL?

Also has anyone installed a live cd they liked like
DSL on a hardrive?  I would like to install DSL with
multi-boot with my Fedora, Vector and Windows. I think
DSL uses lilo and my bootloader that boots my
partitions is grub. (i have seen stuff on dsl
installed on a laptop by its self but not multiboot).

If possible direct links would be very helpfull has at
home i don't have the interent (yet).  (i can't spend
those linux evenings with the web on my pc). 



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