[Wolves] MS tightens the screw

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Sat Apr 8 19:08:55 BST 2006

On Saturday 08 April 2006 09:56, Shane M. Coughlan wrote:

> DELL are eating up the world market because their logistical ability is
> fantastic.  They deliver equipment from manufacturer to consumer at
> lightning speed, and they have a very dynamic production system,
> allowing new models to appear almost as soon as hardware or prices allow
> their creation.

Do you work for them or something? I know you have to be careful what with 
your association and all, I as well should be a bit more careful given my 
reseller status but I really have to take issue with the above paragraph.

1. They do not deliver at lightning speed the standard given is 10 days they 
may deliver sooner if you're lucky.

2. The build quality in a lot of cases is appalling we are on the phone to 
them everyday regarding machines that have just arrived at out premisses DOA.

3. Production consists of putting raw base units together, stacking them on 
shelves for anything up to 2 years taking those units for orders and swapping 
bits as required.

4. Dubious advertising, numerous times equipment is advertised, credit card 
payments taken only to be informed it is no longer available. 
Remember the £100.00 server people? (Members of this list)

> I do agree with your point that they are likely to make the most of
> their massive marketshare by ultimately raising prices in certain areas,
> or creating "consumers for life."  But that's legitimate business
> practice. 

STOP THERE!! did I read that paragraph correct??
If thats the case then I never ever ever want to hear another moan, groan, 
snipe or attack on Microsoft.

You cannot promote one worry about digital rights then with the next breath 
state that "consumers for life" is legitimate business practice!!

Sure I want my customers to stay loyal and yes I would use every trick in the 
book to keep them but I am not in a position to force them to stay and these 
two are and the consumer has allowed it to happen by voting with their 

> I must also state that I don't find DELL equipment to be substandard.  I
> used a second-hand Latitude notebook for several years, and it was a
> real battle-wagon.  It took a hell of a beating, and is still going
> strong (sort of).  Low-end kit (400 quid all in) is likely to be a bit
> lightweight, but that would apply to any company producing anything that
> complex at such a low price.

So do I. Dell CPx J

> I guess what we should really ask is "why are all the other big boys in
> the market falling so far behind DELL?" 

Maybe because they did not get massive government incentives to set up in 
Ireland, giving huge employment to a depressed area and helping towards 
ensuring that country is more stable, just for starters.

> It's not really a surprise that 
> small companies are being terminated in this marketplace.  After all, we
> don't see many local companies making VCRs or washing machines.  It
> seems to be part of the global economic system that bigger size, more
> brutal logistics, produces the strongest and biggest.

I'm not angry or anything its just that I feel Microsoft and Dell are now in a 
position to influence the world, one winging git in the West Midlands isn't 
going to make much difference to them. We all need to look at the bigger 
picture and not our own personal requirements.

Aq the other day could have really done with some drivers for a printer.

Aq would love to do away with, I believe, his last connection with MS i.e. the 
Windows box that the printer is attached too but he cant, yet, so in effect 
MS and the manufacturer have made sure he does what they want and not what he 

What happens when MS or Dell suddenly hikes the price up, sets some sort of 
restriction on use or any other thing thats going to have a massive effect on 
your business and all the other suppliers have been forced out of business?

You're gonna have to pay or go back to using pen and paper :)

Peter Cannon
"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"

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