[Wolves] OT:Bill Gates the modern day Robin Hood?

Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Wed Apr 12 08:25:06 BST 2006

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Wayne Morris wrote:

>> His work in finding a cure for HIV and his other private charitable
>> ventures are to be applauded IMO (and why not - he has more money than
>> he could possibly spend in his lifetime)
> Hmm,  if you are a drug dealer and made millions out of a cartel should 
> you get *any* congrats for giving a few percent to charities?
> No difference in whether they are private or company donations, the 
> money was still made from the same source.
> If you've got more money than you can spend in many lifetimes, is 
> handing some out worth applauding or to be expected?
> Some churches believe in 'tithing' - giving 10% of income - does Gates 
> follow this?

Well - goes to show how divisive the topic is and I have no intention of
getting into a debate *defending* Bill Gates :D

But - things aren't always black and white in life. Bill Gates' company
is a convicted monopolist. He also gives a lot of money to charity.

According to his website his foundation gave $1.36 billion in 2005. I'm
not sure how close to 10% that is


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