[Wolves] OT:Bill Gates the modern day Robin Hood?

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 08:57:37 BST 2006

Ahhhuuummm after studying accountancy at school level only I think I'm
safe in saying it is an accountants job to save their client money.

Watch the logic Man A's accountant had him buy a huge piece of land to
build a new house on just before the end of the the tax year dropping
his yearly earning by 1 million the following month all the claims on
areas that couldn't be build on because of various rare plants or
boggy area's meant that he got 800,000 back he then sold the land for
1.2 million interest 1 million.

The same applies to Bill Gates if tax is at 20 cents in the dollar how
much would he have to give the tax man?  However any funds given to
charitable causes is instantly redeemable against tax paid in.  In
other words if I have a million give away 800,000 then I am only taxed
on the 200,000 that I have, however I get to claim back the 800,000
taking me back up to  960000 with a loss of 40000 rather 200000 it's a
common tax dodge but then if your really good you have the interest
paid annually after the financial year is over and you get full
interest on the million meaning you net another 100000 for doing
nothing but move figures around.

It is nothing but a huge tax dodge purely and simply.  If Bill earned
1 million a year rather than a 1 billion I'm sure you would see him
buying up plot's of land that can't be built on but with that kind of
money it is essential that you lose as much of it as possible before
the financial year is over in order to claim it back off the tax man. 
Charitable giving can lose far more money far more quickly than
anything else if you give a billion here and a billion there and then
low and behold the charity gets to give the taxman 200000 and then
Bill just claims it back because he gave it away.

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