[Wolves] character stripping

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 13:09:58 BST 2006

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 12:45, Andy Smith wrote:

> Do you actually know what characters need to be removed from what
> columns?

Yes and no, it has been put together over 6 or 7 years numerous people have 
added/worked on it, as you know everyone has their own idiosyncrasies as to 
how they write information so aesthetically its a mess.

The problem arises when, lets say, you do 
LOOKUP ---> COMPANY----> AJ Jones

If someone has written it in as A.J. Jones it comes back "No Record Found"

The same can be said for a telephone number;
0121 (0121) 0121- 0121: (0)121

> If so, tell us, give us 10 representative rows of CSV data, and I'm
> sure some kind soul can spend 10 minutes writing a script that does
> it for you.

Ooh that's nice

> Then it's up to you what fraction of the cost of
> SooperDooperStripper v3.1337 you would like to reward them with. :)

Ouch, um oh, I just need to take this call, Dam where did I put my wallet :)

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