[Wolves] Food poisoning

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 14 13:49:50 BST 2006

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> > I apologise if this mail improperly formatted in any way. I'm using the new Yahoo beta and it's a bit messy. Doesn't appear to do > style quoting and 
 > > thinks that top posting with the the original mail underneath sepearated by ----- Original Message ---- and some headers is the only way to write  
 > > mail. 
 > I tried it the other day and couldn't get on with the ad down the 
> right hand side.  I run on 800x600 resolution and the Yahoo Beta does 
> not like it.  I have sent them a report. 
 Heh, DIY quoting. Yeah I will tell them what I think too, ie fix quoting, don't force top posting by design, fix random underlining and so on.
 Incidentally, I meant to say in my last post on this topic: get well soon Spline ;)

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