[Wolves] Broken computer

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Apr 16 12:08:07 BST 2006

> Hmm, so 1st things first you need a stick of memory?

I don't know whether that's what I need or not. It's possible that
it's just the memory, but it seemed in discussion last time that
perhaps it wasn't and instead the motherboard was somehow knackered.
What I want is for someone to take it away and bring it back fixed, in
exchange for some cash, rather than for me to fix it because I don't
know what I'm doing...


<Cl0ckwork> i hate it when explorer crashes, losing my system tray,
and irc is minized to it
<slick> I hate when I kick a dog and then the owner see's me and I
have to kill him

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