[Wolves] Broken computer

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Apr 16 12:18:50 BST 2006

> Did you run Memtest?  Sorry I can't remember from the last time.

I did.

> Next
> if it isn't memory (assuming known good memory has been tried of
> course) it would need all of the other components (graphics card, hard
> drive, sound card etc) swapping over onto a spare, and again known to
> be good, mobo.  That's the best way of finding out what the problem
> is.  It also means that you will only be spending what you need to
> spend - if anything :-)

I agree. The thing is that I have neither the time nor the parts to do that...

> Oh, have you tried running a Live CD?  If so what's the outcome?

Same thing: segfault city...


<Cl0ckwork> i hate it when explorer crashes, losing my system tray,
and irc is minized to it
<slick> I hate when I kick a dog and then the owner see's me and I
have to kill him

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