[Wolves] Encyclopaedia on linux

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Thu Apr 20 11:50:51 BST 2006

James Turner wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 Apr 2006 18:14, Mark Ellse wrote:
>> Would you think that I'm too prejudiced if I say that I don't really
>> want to buy Encarta because it's Microsoft.
>> Perhaps I am bigotted. But if I am I don't care!
> Here's an interesting article comparing Encarta with the good old Encycolpedia 
> Britannica:
> http://ifets.ieee.org/periodical/vol_1_2002/alevizou.html
> One quirk of Encarta that I find amusing is that its different localised 
> editions are not factually consistent with each other. (See under "Encircling 
> the global versus embracing the local" in the above article, for example.) 
> According to urban myth, some of these differences appease local political 
> sensitivities, such as relating to Northern Ireland or Israel/Palestine, 
> although I forget the exact details.
> Perhaps Microsoft has embraced postmodernism to the extent that "The World 
> According To Bill Gates" has no absolute truth?
> Regards,
> James
Yes, it is interesting. In a world where we get our 'news' from Murdoch 
and our 'facts' from Gates, isn't it good that we have such a liberal 
and open-minded government to lead us!


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