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Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 25 21:49:32 BST 2006

--- Richard Spencer <lists at fortnight1.plus.com> wrote:

> The device (micro mp3 player) works fine with 2.4.27
> sarge build, but 
> not with my current custom 2.6.8 (which I want to
> use for ide CD 
> burning/alsa and also cos it boots quicker).
> I was really after advice about which USB stack(s)
> (OCHI/ECHI (sp?)) 
> to compile in as core/modules to get it to work. If
> I could get some 
> pointers I'd have another go with make gconfig.

UHCI is common on Intel boxes, OHCI is common on Macs
or at least was last time I read the help for the
kernel. All of my USB 1.1 controllers have been UHCI
except for a PCI card I bought about 6 years ago which
which was Opti something and was OHCI. EHCI is
effectively 2.0.

> I could go the sledgehammer route and compile in
> everything 
> USB-related as modules - is this recommended? Or can
> I list modules 
> from a working 2.4.27 setup and copy these into the
> build options? (I 
> think this is the way I tried to do it but must have
> missed 
> something.)

I think thats the way most distribution kernels are
made as they can't predict what hardware a user is
going to have. Compiling everything as a module is
fine as they are only loaded if your hardware needs
them, which bypasses the memory issues related to a
huge monolithic kernel binary.

These days they make everything a module and just put
the modules required to boot the system in an initrd
so that they are available at boot time.

If you don't want to mess with initrds, just make
everything a module and only compile stuff into the
kernel image itself things that you are going to need
to boot, like your disk controllers etc.

You could try an lsmod under your 2.4 series kernel
and include the modules that you recognise are related
to your device in your 2.6 kernel. You could also look
at what Linux thinks the devices are by doing an lspci
to see what it thinks your USB controllers, lsusb to
see what it thinks are on your USB buses and maybe
/proc/usb to see what information is held by the 2.4

Hope that helps. Glad to have you aboard :)





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