[Wolves] Can someone take a look at this Exim stuff and tell me what I'm doing wrong

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Dec 1 17:42:47 GMT 2006

I'm trying to implement this Greylisting using exim, perl, mysql from:

As I see it I need to put this is my exim config

warn    set acl_m1 = ${readsocket{/var/run/exim_sockd.sock}{GREYLIST ${lc:$sender_address} ${lc:$local_part@$domain} $sender_host_address}{3s}{\n}{0}}
defer   domains = +local_domains
        hosts = !+relay_hosts
        condition = ${if eq {$acl_m1}{0}{0}{1}}
        message = You have been greylisted. This is part of our standard anti-spam measures and your mail system should automatically try again later. We will accept this mail from you in ${if >{$acl_m1}{119}{${eval:$acl_m1/60} minutes}{$acl_m1 seconds}}.

This should call (I think!)

which I have renamed as Greylist.pm and put in same directory as exim.conf

I've created mysql tables as the how-to says.

Nothing seems to be happening.
Couple of things

I don't have /var/run/exim_sockd.sock   - but I guess this may be 
created as it runs.
I also don't have /etc/exim/perl - whic is referred to in one of the files:

use lib "/etc/exim/perl";

I think part of the problem is I need exim to be compiled with perl 
modules but don't know where to start.

Any ideas?

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