[Wolves] Can someone take a look at this Exim stuff and tell me what I'm doing wrong

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 19:07:10 GMT 2006

--- Wayne Morris <wayne at machx.co.uk> wrote:

> I'm trying to implement this Greylisting using exim,
> perl, mysql from:
> http://users.aber.ac.uk/auj/spam/

I don't know about all that, but I have implemented
greylisting on Fedora Core 4 (exim self compiled) and
Debian with exim4-daemon heavy, which both include
what used to be known as the exiscan patch and is now
merged into the main codebase for Exim, you just have
to find the right configure option if you're compiling
yourself. I don't know if you need this for calling
out to greylisting functionality, but I did find an
exim heavy package for Fedora Core from one of the 3rd
party repos.

I have the process detailed on my blog at:


but the \ characters keep getting stripped out and I
don't know how to solve that, so here is my
greylisting config for exim in full:

    message        = $sender_host_address is
greylisted. \
                     Mail from $sender_host_address as
<$sender_address> to \
                     <$local_part@$domain> is delayed.
                     Please try again in a few
    log_message    = greylisted.
    !senders       = :
    !hosts         = : +relay_from_hosts : \
    !hosts         = : ${if exists
{/etc/greylistd/whitelist-hosts}{}} : \
                       ${if exists
    !authenticated = *
##    !acl           = acl_whitelist_local_deny
      domains        = +local_domains :
      verify         =
      condition      =
                       {--grey \
                       $sender_host_address \
                       $sender_address \

You need to install greylistd which is available from
ATrpms for Fedora. I had to create a few files
manually before it worked, namely that
/var/lib/greylistd should include:


I can pass you copies of these files if you need them
(Debian creates them for you so I copied them over to

Also, keep an eye on your Exim panic.log to see if
Exim is complaining something.

tail -f <logfile>

is useful for this if you don't do that already.
CTRL-c to quit.

I found that Exim just carried on as normal if there
was a problem with the greylistd, such as the missing

One caveat. There is some further config to do to
capture emails without an envelope sender, but the
config I saw only refers to it in passing and doesn't
say how to do it, but at least it's a start.

Hope that helps, sorry I can't solve your problem the
way you wanted to go, but this way seems easier...





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