[Wolves] Php - stuck on an action

Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Wed Dec 6 09:08:08 GMT 2006

Wayne Morris wrote:
> Could someone have a look at
> http://machx.co.uk/bestofboth.txt
> which is a php file (renamed so you can read it obv).
> It should look at a mysql db during the first half and put all the
> records in a text box for manual correction.
> On pressing send, it should then send the records found in another db to
> those on the list.
> As I've left it , as soon as you press the 'Load Address from MYSQL'
> button it does the entire job and very nicely.
> However as when I insert a button to make it wait for the send press it
> only loads the mysql but sends nothing.
> Its probably something really stupid, but I've lost the will to try!

Well it looks as though you have register globals on which is a bad idea
in itself as evidenced by you referring to $action instead of
$_GET["action"] or $_POST["action"]



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