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> Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 18:32:32 +0000> From: riddian at gmail.com> To: wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk> Subject: Re: [Wolves] RE: University of Wolverhampton> > As a student at Wolverhampton University, I'd just like to add a few> things regarding Linux support.> > A major problem at the Uni is the poor Linux support, to be more> precise. The Linux installation is set up in such a way that I> sometimes have to resort to using Windows, there are many problems,> such as no printing support, a faulty "computer:///" listing in> Nautilus as none of the icons work, difficulty in mounting/unmounting> USB drives and general stability issues are some of the problems off> the top of my head.> > I often ask about the possibility of doing work for the modules I am> taking in Linux, often I am advised against it but so far I have run> into few problems doing so. Most of the resources I need to access are> in MS Word or Powerpoint format, seldom are they in PDF and never in> ODT. However OpenOffice has had little problem reading these> thankfully.> > I'm glad to hear the Uni is interested in Linux and Open Source, my> opinion was quite the opposite as all lectures I have spoken to about> Linux bar one have advocated Microsoft products and have shown little> or no interest in Linux or Open Source, some even ridiculing it with> remarks like "Open Source is for sandal wearing, tree hugging hippies> with beards".> > I would much like to see a more Pro-Linux stance from the lectures at> Wolverhampton Uni, jokes about Vi and how Open Source developers just> "copy other peoples work" and are "always playing catch up with> Microsoft" aren't something I want to hear when I'm working in Linux> at Uni simply because I may be the only student using Linux in a class> of around 70, plus I certainly don't think such negative comments help> invoke interest to the Linux newcomer.> > Chris> Sorry, but are you at the same uni as me?
I have had totally the opposite experience, i admit their are a few problems but for first years
over half of most modules contain a linux slant. Some modules like operating systems and networking
have an above 50% weighting towards linux.All machines dual boot Windows and Suse 10, Programming is taught with java so their is no problem their, Web modules use HTML and Php and their is a dedicated linux server  for hosting your own site (as well as your windows site space) that uses apache at www.mi-linux.wlv.ac.uk, which also contains the web programming Wiki which students can add to.
These are just a few things off the top of my head, this is not to mention the array of open source software for use on Windows and Linux
in the uni?
Sorry but I can not agree with you on most of your post, from my experience it is a forward looking university that caters for students that
want to use proprietry or open source software.
James Dalley

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