[Wolves] NIS

Jen Phillips jetlaglug at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 12 14:12:12 GMT 2006

Well, it landed fine in my inbox with the subject "[Wolves] NIS Server
config". The original question from Brendon was:

"Morning Folks, trying to set up an NIS server on a customised Mandriva
2006.0 system, with Fedora6 clients, my only experience of NIS was
with SuSE 8.1Pro, which did the hard work for me, so i've followed the
NIS HOW-TO at tldp.org.

I get as far as
 /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -s masterhost

and the system returns

 can't get local yp domain: Local domain name not set
 Can't enumerate maps from masterhost. Please check that it is running.

any suggestions very welcome, hopefully a stupid oversight by me, and
not something time consuming, cus i need this network up by 9am"

to which Peter Oliver replied:

"The -s option is used to set up a NIS slave, i.e., a NIS server that holds
a local cache of the data for a particular subnet.  If you want to set up
a NIS master, use -m."

I have only a very vague idea what any of the means, though.



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