[Wolves] Mail provider recommendations?

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 20:36:14 GMT 2006

> > I really don't want to change email address, so I need a reliable way of
> > pulling down this mail on a regular basis.  I don't want to depend on
> > something running at home because if, for example, my cable modem breaks
> > and it takes them a week to send me a new one I'm stuffed.
> >
> > Freeserve have no facility for forwarding the mail to a different
> > address. I have a Gmail account, but it cannot pick up mail from a POP
> > mailbox.
> >
> > Anyone got any recommendations for solutions?
I know this will sound silly but I can connect to my gmail account via
pop.  Have you enable POP in your gmail account settings and changed
the defaults on your reader?

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