[Wolves] Mail provider recommendations?

Richard Spencer lists at fortnight1.plus.com
Sat Dec 30 21:03:04 GMT 2006

In message <36feaa6c0612301236k29c278baub39f25967d221587 at mail.gmail.co 
          "David Morley" <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Freeserve have no facility for forwarding the mail to a different
>> > address. I have a Gmail account, but it cannot pick up mail from a POP
>> > mailbox.
>> >
>> > Anyone got any recommendations for solutions?
> I know this will sound silly but I can connect to my gmail account via
> pop.  Have you enable POP in your gmail account settings and changed
> the defaults on your reader?

Unless I've misunderstood, the requirement is to regularly download 
from the Freeserve address using POP3 to *another* email account, in a 
way that does not depend on the home (BB) internet connection being 

So what the OP is after is an email account that can automatically 
download from other email account(s).

FastMail have been around a while and seem pretty good both from 
personal experience and ratings on about.com etc. They seem to provide 
what is needed:


See "Scheduled Check".



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