[Wolves] LAMP server partitioning

David Cockayne dave at cockayne.net
Thu Feb 23 21:05:24 GMT 2006

I'm going to be setting up a new a server up soon, based on suse 
enterprise server/novell open enterprise server. The server will be 
dedicated to running moodle, an open source vle with apache2, php, 
mysql, vsftpd.

the server has 137Gb of space and a tape to backup onto

moodle consists of:
 web files that live on /srv/www/htdocs
mysql database
 moodledatastore, this is where all the uploaded files go and also where 
the repository sits. It can go anywhere but gets pretty big.

I was thinking of going with

/boot       200Mb
swap       4GB (server has 4GB ram)
/              30GB
/moodle   the rest

are there really advantages to giving /usr /var /tmp /home etc seperate 
partitions for this sorrt of server also what is the best filesystem for 
this sort of server?

on another server I keep on having to move stuff on to different 
partitions as they keep filling up as the server starts to get used to 
provide different/additional services

I've looked at a few partioning guides full of contradictions, so 
thought I would try wolves :) any advice?

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