[Wolves] I hate Windows

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Fri Jan 6 10:16:58 GMT 2006


Thanks for this. Can you think of any way of doing it when you can't 
boot up the disk because it thinks that the paging file should be on 
another disk?


David Goodwin wrote:
> <rant>
>  > Windows, in its great wisdom, decides to put the paging file
>> onto the opposite disk from which the system boots. There might be 
>> good sense in that from the operating point of view. But then, when 
>> you remove the second hard disk, the first one can't boot because it 
>> has an inadequate paging file.
> You can specify which disk the swap files are on by :
> Right clicking on my computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Performance / 
> Settings -> Advanced -> Change
> David.

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