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| --- David Goodwin <david at codepoets.co.uk> wrote:
| >
| > > One of our neighbours was bought a freeview box
| > for xmas but has been told that
| > > they can't use it in the WV post code. I'm not
| > sure if it's a bit more specific
| > > to the postcode here (WV10). They have asked in
| > various "national chain
| > > consumer electronics stores" and been told the
| > same thing: "you need a new
| > > aerial".
| >
| > This is (or at least) the standard thing "they"
| > would say incase you
| > take the box home, and find it doesn't work... and
| > then ask for a refund.
| This I believe is mostly the case. I live in WV10
| (Coven Heath) and have been looking at a Freeview box
| and the official wbsites say we can't get it, but a
| bit of research says that most likely we can, it's
| just that some channels will be poor quality and so
| they won't officially endorse it. As Baza says, you
| then have to contentd with local obstacles (trees,
| high buildings etc).
| To predict your signal strengths from the local
| transmitters have a look at
| http://www.wolfbane.com/cgi-bin/tvd.exe (it's a cgi,
| not a Windows exe).
| Also look at http://www.radioandtelly.co.uk/tvfaq.html
| Depending on your signal strength you might either
| need a wideband aerial or a high gain aerial (see
| above link for diffs). Search Ebay's consumer
| electronics for Televes and Triax Unix
| (interestingly).
| I am particularly interested in the outcome of this as
| our aerial is old, rusty, inside the loft and no doubt
| terrible quality (we don't use it, we're using a set
| top one until I get up there, align it and see if it
| actually works). I've held back on buying a new aerial
| until I know it's going to be worth it as I may also
| have to pay someone to climb up the chimney to fit it.
| I would be grateful if anyone knows more about this
| than me about the usefulness about these aerials.
| The short answer to your question of course is I don't
| know.
| HTH,
| Ad
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    its all to do with the transmitter you are pointing your antenna at from 
wolves you can point to Sutton Coldfield or the Wrekin.

the antenna you should use is matched to the frequency of the transmitter 
see :

and :

for transmitter info..


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