[Wolves] Ubuntu/Kubuntu 6.06 issue?

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 14:07:54 BST 2006

On 03/07/06, alan <alan at popey.com> wrote:

> > I then went into the system config
> > (GUI) and this time checked out the graphics card first.  It seems
> > that Kubuntu (I don't know about Ubuntu but I suspect it will be the
> > same) sets up my venerable old Nvidia as a generic VGA card.
> What card is it? What does lspci (run in a terminal) report?

It's an MX 4000 128mb  Old, but certainly not that old :-)

> I've had 3 nvidia cards all detected okay. Maybe yours is an old klunker but
> still it should be supported. You could file a bug against it so others
> don't have this problem.
> > Perhpas
> > it's me but I'm used to having it set up at least a a dummy nv card
> > with the associated allowed resolutions.
> There's nothing "dummy" about the nv driver. It's the attempt to develop an
> open source driver for nvidia cards with little or no help from NVidia
> themselves. They've done a pretty good job so far.

I used the term 'dummy' as that is what the nv driver is termed in
SuSE.  Which is what I am more used to installing :-)

> > Anyway, I ticked all the
> > boxes etc and set that up.  Not with the Nvidia driver from Nvidia
> > themselves but the one that is with Kubuntu (probably a dummy).
> The binary driver(s) are in the extra repositories. You can install the
> nvidia-glx (for relatively new cards) or nvidia-glx-legacy (for relatively
> old cards) packages to get the binary drivers. It's all well documented on
> the Ubuntu wiki.

I shall take a look, thank you for the pointer :-)

> > Now, I need to sort out another drive and get Xubuntu done the same.
> >
> You know you can just install xubuntu-desktop (or for that matter
> ubuntu-desktop) on kubuntu (and vice versa) to get the "other" desktop
> environments. You can then run one at a time by choosing the one you
> want from the "session" menu on logon. Alternatively you can logon multiple
> times and have one session on kubuntu, one on xubuntu and one on ubuntu if
> you really wanted - and have enough memory :D

Not really possible with this particular drive.  I could get away with
it but space is at a premium.  Ideally I'd love to have Gnome, KDE,
Xubuntu and the Ubuntu lite desktop (ICEwm) but it's only a 6.4gb
drive.  Hence me saying I'm goin gto sort out another drive.  I think
I have another 6.4gb somewhere that I can wipe.

> > Erm, how I do allow root log in from the graphical log in on Kubuntu?
> > The same option does not seem to be there that is with Ubuntu :-(
> Why do you want to logon as root?
> Logon as yourself then run root terminal from the menu, or open a terminal
> and type sudo -s.

That's an easy one to answer :-) I know I can do su or sudo but open
source is about freedom and, as part of my freedom I wish to have the
facility to log in as root if I desire.  I know all about the security
implications but I do feel that Ubuntu and it's derivatives have swung
too far in the opposite direction to Linspire.  Linspire of course
automatically logging in as root from the word go :-((((  Which I
personally would not do; but then, having tried Linspire I found I
absolutely hated it full stop.

I know how to set up a grpahical log in as root now anyway, I had done
it in the past and had simply forgotten how.  It was in my personal
notes :-))))  thank god I jot things down.

I am only human, please forgive me if I make a mistake it is not deliberate.
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