[Wolves] to those at the last lug meeting.

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 20:29:54 BST 2006

David Morley wrote:
> The two tools I mentioned at the last meeting were sabayon and
> pessulus,  these are admin tools that are installable in ubuntu but
> are now default with a general install of gnome.
> Sabayon is a profile creator which basically speaks for itself.  It is
> realtively easy to use also.
> Pessulus does a similar job but basically allows or disallows programs
> across the board.

I used both a 6ish months ago, and found them to be very good - but not 
quite complete - positioning of icons was difficult and it would often 
'loose' icons on a whim.
Hopefully it's improved since them (This was ubuntu breezy)


David Goodwin

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