[Wolves] Help get me out the pooh!

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Wed Jul 19 07:45:44 BST 2006

On Tuesday 18 July 2006 23:16, Adam Sweet wrote:

> Initially I would make sure you still have ruby and
> probably an apache ruby module if there is such a
> thing. I just about know what Ruby on Rails is but
> never used it. It would be a good idea to find out how
> apache and ruby talk to each other if it's not via an
> apache module.

I've had a mooch around and in the html folder there is ruby rails stuff 
including a HOWTO manual.

I'm 99.9% convinced Ruby/Ruby Rails is all still there its got to be something 
stupid like a link has been severed. (Next response follows this train of 

> I believe the FC4 to FC5 upgrade will have moved
> apache from 2.0 to the brand new 2.2, so it may be too
> early in the game for a Ruby on Rails to have moved
> the machine up to Apache 2.2 for what the system did,
> although honestly I could be talking arse.

Thats my ultimate fear, Ruby Rails may not be compatible with FC5 if thats the 
case I dread to think whats gonna happen.

> It sounds like the virtual hosting is fscked to me.
> For an intranet, ie on a local network interface, not
> an interface facing the internet, you probably want IP
> based virtual hosting, or if this Intranet site is the
> only thing being served by the web server, you can do
> away with virtual hosting and just use the Listen
> directive to tell the server only to listen on it's
> local interface by specifying the internal IP address.
> The apache docs on the website are very clear on
> helping you do virtual hosting if you need to do it.

Now you might be on to something here

> The common gotcha with virtual hosts is that you need
> to set up the main host as a virtual host as well as
> the others. You can't just have the whole config files
> serve the default site and then virtual hosts for
> others, they must all be virtual hosts. The main body
> of the config file defines the server default settings
> and then when you use the virtual hosts, they virtual
> host sections specify which virtual hosts to serve and
> how their settings should deviate from the defaults.
> Have a look at your original config file and look for
> references to ruby, in the modules section or in the
> handlers section (I think) to see if you can work out
> how ruby gets called. Also work out whether it used
> name based or IP based virtual hosts, or whether it
> used the Listen directive to specify an address.

There are references at the bottom of the renamed http.conf file that relate 
to the two folders and if I remember correctly the virtual hosts I'll mail 
more info in about an hour and a half.

> As a matter of the highest importance look at the logs
> to see what Apache thinks is going on and to see if
> you can work out why it's serving the default page
> rather than the one you expect.


> I've had those days ;) I'll be on google talk too if I
> remember. Just mail me if I forget and you want me.


Peter Cannon
"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"

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