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Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 23:16:28 BST 2006

--- Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:

> The intranet looks like its run on/via something
> called 'Ruby Rails' I've 
> never heard of it, it was running under FC4 I
> upgraded to FC5 and now the 
> bloody thing refuses to run the Apache test page is
> there instead for some 
> reason there is an error message saying;
> "Unable to fully qualify domain name using
> instead"
> The Apache test page can be seen from another
> machine so I take it that its 
> being broadcast to the network? The Webserver is
> used internally only I can 
> get Internet access from it.
> http.conf was replaced at upgrade but the old file
> has been saved, I tried 
> replacing the text from the renamed/saved file to
> the new http.conf but httpd 
> refused to start so I cant say if in turn the
> intranet/ruby rails would have 
> started. If I revert back to the original http.conf
> httpd starts OK
> Initially I could do with being pointed in the right
> direction I cant afford 
> to waste hours messing about with Ruby Rails (Which
> as I say I'm ignorant 
> about) if its a network, webserver, name, IP address
> problem. I promised it 
> would be back up at 2.30pm today, as it is I have to
> go back tomorrow. :-S
> 1. Is this a network name resolution problem?
> 2. Is this something to do with this Ruby Rails
> thingy?

Initially I would make sure you still have ruby and
probably an apache ruby module if there is such a
thing. I just about know what Ruby on Rails is but
never used it. It would be a good idea to find out how
apache and ruby talk to each other if it's not via an
apache module.

I believe the FC4 to FC5 upgrade will have moved
apache from 2.0 to the brand new 2.2, so it may be too
early in the game for a Ruby on Rails to have moved
the machine up to Apache 2.2 for what the system did,
although honestly I could be talking arse.

It sounds like the virtual hosting is fscked to me.
For an intranet, ie on a local network interface, not
an interface facing the internet, you probably want IP
based virtual hosting, or if this Intranet site is the
only thing being served by the web server, you can do
away with virtual hosting and just use the Listen
directive to tell the server only to listen on it's
local interface by specifying the internal IP address.
The apache docs on the website are very clear on
helping you do virtual hosting if you need to do it.

The common gotcha with virtual hosts is that you need
to set up the main host as a virtual host as well as
the others. You can't just have the whole config files
serve the default site and then virtual hosts for
others, they must all be virtual hosts. The main body
of the config file defines the server default settings
and then when you use the virtual hosts, they virtual
host sections specify which virtual hosts to serve and
how their settings should deviate from the defaults.

Have a look at your original config file and look for
references to ruby, in the modules section or in the
handlers section (I think) to see if you can work out
how ruby gets called. Also work out whether it used
name based or IP based virtual hosts, or whether it
used the Listen directive to specify an address.

As a matter of the highest importance look at the logs
to see what Apache thinks is going on and to see if
you can work out why it's serving the default page
rather than the one you expect.

> Pete on knees, tears running down face, hands
> pressed together in solemn 
> prayer.

I've had those days ;) I'll be on google talk too if I
remember. Just mail me if I forget and you want me.





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