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On 01/06/06, Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > At the risk of a holy war, I'm going to pose a
> > question and profess the world according to Adam. I
> > know all you FC/SuSE users are bored of hearing
> > about
> > Ubuntu, but I wonder, why are you still using SuSE?
> I forgot to mention I ran SuSE 9 or 9.1 for a few
> months until I couldnt get the packages I wanted for
> it.
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I've been using SuSE since 9.1  Prior to that I could never get a
proper, fully working Linux set up.  I'd tried Mandrake, and Red Hat
together with some that have now gone by the wayside - who remembers
Storm Linux? I was even a beta tester for Xandros before it was
released.  SuSe, however, just worked for me.  Everything apart from
my scanner was detected and set up.  The scanner has only recently
been addressed by SANE but that wasn't the fault of SuSE or the guys
at SANE, it was Canon not writing drivers for Linux.

Packages wise, I've never had a problem.  There are always far more
than I would ever need  in the SuSE repositories.  Perhaps it's down
to individual user needs on the package front?

I've recently looked at Debian (installed 3.1 on a spare drive) and I
like the look of it very much.  I may well move over to Deb myself as
I am not happy with the way SuSE is looking nowadays.
I am only human, please forgive me if I make a mistake it is not deliberate.
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