[Wolves] SPF on Debian Exim4-heavy

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 22:33:35 BST 2006

As already hinted at, has anyone implemented SPF
checking using Exim4-daemon-heavy on Debian?

You can say what you like about whether it is really
useful, but it would probably block more spam than
Spamassassin these days and it's another tool to
reduce the load.

I tried several different ways of implementing SPF
checking but I can't get it to work. I can be more
specific if need be about what I tried and what errors
I got.

Any pointers or recommended reading would be
gratefully received at this stage. It's not something
I *have* to do, other than to see it's effect on the
spam that goes through my server. I already have a
ruthless set of rules on my own server, but I would
like to see it's effects so I can decide on whether to
implement it elsewhere.

Apologies for vagueness, would just be happy to hear
from someone else who has already done it. I will take
tumbleweeds as a no :)





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