[Wolves] Bringing advanced Free (as in Freedom) technology to Windows platforms

Shane M. Coughlan shane at shaneland.co.uk
Sun Jun 18 23:12:00 BST 2006

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Peter Cannon wrote:
> Ah, I'm using it more as a go anywhere anytime type of thing in
> conjunction with my pop3 accounts (using it for this mail actually) I
> cant send from work but I can receive, thats something to do with smtp
> according to my ISP (not work).

This makes sense.  If your ISP is different to your work network
provider that can mean a refusal to allow access to SMTP.  For instance,
I was using Blueyonder at home and Wanadoo dial-up on the move.  When I
was on Wanadoo I had to change the SMTP settings to their one.  It's a
bit annoying.

Using the Mobility Email client as a go anywhere anytime tool is how I
use it too :)  I actually have 2.4 gig of mail in my profile and I haul
it along with me.

My earlier chattering about IMAP was more to do with using the Mobility
Email as a business solution.  For the end-user I think most people will
use it as a POP tool.  Certainly most of our existing users seem to be
POP people.

> Theres no apologies needed! Actually the documentation is pretty good if
> I can follow it and can get it working anyone can.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.  We have a documentation wiki though, so
please feel free to add to it.

>> There is a lack of documentation explaining how to make
>> it work on Linux.  We have reports of Mobility Email successfully
>> running on Fedora Core 4 with WINE.  No special WINE tweaks were used,
>> just the command 'wine email.exe' started the client.
> Urrhh I guessed you could do it that way but I'd prefer 'Plug and Go' I
> know nothing about programming but if it all runs of the USB stick
> inside the folder 'mobility-mail' wouldn't you just need a Linux based
> executable that could instigate it and the relevant libraries? could
> they co-exist inside the same folder Windows dll's and Linux? I'm sure
> someone clever could make it sort of auto-sensing or failing that just
> have two executables 1.Linux 2.Windows.
> I suppose you are gonna say create a custom launcher that uses wine?

Nope.  I hate it when people answer questions and suggestions with "why
don't YOU build it?"

It would be great if we could have some form of automatic dual-boot
system.  We have not found an implementation method that makes us happy
yet.  As you will have noticed there is a strong focus on making the
technology appear coherent, whole and really simple.  We would want to
make sure our dual-boot would fit into this.

I guess what could be done is to have a little script that would be
double-click on a Linux machine.  If someone had WINE it would call that
and launch Mobility Email, and if someone did not have WINE it would
apologize and tell them to install it.

Would anyone like to help making that?  I don't have time right now and
it would be something really nice to have.

All our new code is GPL licensed (if possible).  This is to ensure that
the technology goes out to everyone.  At the moment the project has both
MPL and GPL bits.  We're hoping to fully transition to GPL shortly.

> I invested 30 bucks on a 2GB Kingston Travel USB pen drive and have
> added every email and RSS account I have, true that means I get
> duplication but that way I can see everything from anywhere.

That's a cheap 2GB!

> I've not used the pgp as I keep cocking up my keys and already have two
> that I've lost the Revoke certificates for. Funnily enough I was trying
> to replicate the layout of your key but it kept logging the same email
> address against all the profiles (Dick Turpin etc)

Hm...if you could email me off-list with more specifics I'm sure I could
help you.  Failing that I can haul in another member of the Enigmail team.

> The plugins and themes work fine, I've found its better to download them
> then do them as local installs rather than from the add-ons site. I had
> a bit of trouble getting the filters to work but thats sorted now.

Can you tell me what happened with the filters?  Was it a code issue or
was it more to do with setting up new filters on a slightly unfamiliar

Thanks again for using Mobility Email.  I'm glad you have found it
useful.  This is a long-term project to provide a secure communication


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