[Wolves] Problem on Windows 2000 machine

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Mon Jun 19 10:51:02 BST 2006

Now I know that this User Group houses loads of Windows experts, and I'd 
be grateful to pick your brains - again.

I did the latest Windows 2000 security updates over the weekend, 
rebooted the machines and let the staff log on again. Most of the 
machines worked fine. But one behaves as though the user is a completely 
new one, with nothing in My Documents etc. Fortunately we have a backup, 
but this means reinstating Outlook, etc.

In addition, for some reason, it doesn't think that this user is an 
administrator (which it was) and refuses to accept the password for any 
other administrators.

Typically this machine is the worst one to have problems because it runs 
the mail server. But fortunately the mail server, which runs as a 
Windows 2000 service, is working.

Anybody got any idea what might be the problem and how to sort it?

Thanks in anticipation,


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