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Thu Mar 30 19:32:37 BST 2006

On 30/03/06, Shane M. Coughlan <shane at shaneland.co.uk> wrote:
> PS: I just wrote an article on DRM...I'd really love your comments.
> http://osnews.com/comment.php?news_id=14156&limit=no&threshold=-1

It's a very interesting article - and like so many of the worlds
serious problems at the moment it comes down to education. People need
to be aware that their lack of awareness about their own digital
rights means that they are letting themselves be exploited by major

I think people are so "wowed" by technology at the moment that they
can't see that the benefits they are getting from free and easy
digital media is masking darker intentions.

People trying to get music back off their iPods (without the knowledge
of gtkpod etc :) ) are slowly discovering this. Apple have nasty
intentions for that music you just "bought"

Again - nice article

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