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Peter Cannon peter at
Mon May 8 09:24:26 BST 2006

On Monday 08 May 2006 01:10, Daniel Jones wrote:

> > > No offence, but you just don't /get/ Open Source really, do you?
> >
> > If you wish to make a personal attack on my ability I will be more than
> > happy to discuss this with you when I attend the LUG meeting on the 24th
> > of this month.
> Nope, believe it or not this actually isn't a personal attack.  But I
> do take the 'I'll be there on the 24th' seriously.

Good, The line of quote "No offense" is always used as a way of antagonising 
an individual in the hope that applying that precursor will give the user of 
that line a get out of jail.

I will not get into a slanging match on this or any other list however I see 
you have read Shanes and Kevans posts yet it does not occur to you that maybe 
you was a little bit hasty in accusing me of ignorance? both of those posts 
prove conclusively who understands open source.

I think you'll find that I do "/get/open source". As Shane said when he gave 
his talk very few people actually understand the terminology used within the 
Linux comminty, they think they do, but they don't.

They think free means 'no money' 'costs nothing' which is not true. The same 
can be said for 'open source' but open source is not just for the Linux world 
many open source products run on Windows the word Open Source simply means 
the code is free from restrictions, not that its 'Free of Cost' you can edit 
it, delete bits, put your own additions and SELL IT. Just because its 'Open' 
does not mean it is free and gratis.

Having read your other post I think I understand why you decided to post in 
manner you did, was it because I dared to suggest Ubuntu may go proprietary 
by any chance?

What I find interesting is you then went on to answer your own anger! quote:
> You'll get no arguments from me about that whatsoever.  Charging for
> Ubuntu though?  Yeah right.

Why not? just because you don't want it to happen doesn't mean it might not 
happen. I'm sure all the Red Hat users had exactly the same thought three 
years ago that you have now, think about.

> Someone who knows better will just fork.
Of course, and that's where you answer your anger, but IMHO those types of 
forks will get less and less but that's 10+ years away.

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 There is no excuse for not asking"

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