[Wolves] Couple of email (Exim) questions

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 12:58:46 GMT 2006

Adam Sweet wrote:
> Hi Wayne
> I was having a similar problem myself yesterday, but I
> only have one machine behind the router to port
> forward to.
> When the backup MX tried to forward to the mail, found
> the primary MX down and so tried the backup MX which
> was itself so it looped. The solution in my case was
> to add:
> extra_local_interfaces = <router_wan_ip>
> to the exim config. However, I think you might be
> stuck here, cos that won't work in your case as you
> have 2 machines with the same WAN IP. I don't think
> theres a way of telling the world that smtp for your
> backup mx is on some other port, so you could port
> forward that to your backup mx, plus the machine would
> probably still be surprised when it received the mail
> again when it tried to forward it on and found the
> primary MX down.
> Now, I may be wrong here, so perhaps ask on exim-users
> if you want a better answer.
> My suggestion would be to use the backup MX I set up
> yesterday. It runs at my house over 3.5Mb ADSL so
> thats the level of service you can expect, not
> discounting any connection problems with my ISP.
> Mail me off list if you would like to sort out the
> details.
> Ad
Hi Ad,

Found a solution which was to use a 'smart route' in the exim config
    driver = manualroute
    domains = !+local_domains
    transport = remote_smtp
    route_list = * smarthost.ref.example

In this case I just set the route list to be the ip address of the other 
server and so for domains not hosted on the box, these email are sent
straight to the other server without dns lookup.

Ta for the offer of a backup MX, I already pay for one at No-ip.info, 
I'm only running two mailservers here for a while until I get A retired 
(once I'm happy
that B is a stable replacement).

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