[Wolves] ID cards

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Wed Nov 22 09:02:45 GMT 2006

Replying to my email seemed easier than replying to both Jen's and Peter's 
individually, apologies if the list thinks this is wrong.

I understand why the petition asks for this information, however I choose not 
to agree with it in this instance.  We may differ in our opinions, and that 
at this moment, is our privilege.

To be equally blunt to Peter's closing statement of:

"What's the point of standing up to be counted if, to put it bluntly, 
you don't want to stand up and be counted?"

I equate this to a similar statement:

"If you are doing nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear."

They are, individually and together, completely correct and defensible 
statements.  They are also double edged and certainly in the case of the 
second often used as a shield/catchall when people are implementing dubious 
schemes which remove privacy and/or anonymity.

I thought quite long about replying so I think it's important to make my 
stance clear.  I do not object to ID Cards per se, they are an invaluable 
tool for governments and individuals if used appropriately.  What I do object 
to is the fashion in which this government is neither open, nor clear, about 
the costs, benefits and uses to which this scheme will be put.

Pete Evans 

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