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Jen Phillips jetlaglug at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 21 18:19:15 GMT 2006

My Dad is an evil man who works for the government and closes schools (well,
obviously it's a bit more complicated than that), and he therefore has to
deal with petitions to keep them open. He and others look at lot closer at
them than people generally assume, and largely disregard the huge lists of
names signed "c/o Sainsburys" or similar. They pay a lot more attention to
signatures that have addresses in the local area, because they're the people
who might actually be affected by the decision to close the school or not.
If they just looked at the totals, they'd be making decisions based on three
disgruntled parents spending weeks collecting signatures from everyone who
happened to pass through town. I suspect this site is asking for addresses
for similar reasons - so they can figure out how many genuine signatures
there are.


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