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On 11/28/06, David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 28/11/06, Stuart Beeson <stuart.beeson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi People
> >
> > Been watching the list for a bit now and ive decided to make my first
> post -
> >
> > i have a redundant laptop - its only a small thing running windows 98
> (had
> > it about 5 years) the problem is i havnt got a floppy or cdrom to boot
> from
> > - ive managed to get a wifi connection working on it so i can browse the
> web
> > etc - ive been reading
> > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows
> > and a few things dont add up - if this is a net boot install from dos
> how
> > will i connect to grab the rest of the files needed or am i missing
> > something - can i use wirless once the installation process is running
> (or
> > will i run into problems configuring my wifi along the way)
> >
> > any pointers would be great -
> does it have a wired network built in?
> does it have a usb port?
> does it have a hard drive?
> If the answer to the above is yes then all you need to do is get info
> off your machine then there are several ways to get Linux on it.
> Info:-
> Processor
> Memory
> What version of Linux you like.
> If your memory is less than 256 mb Then you need a distro
> realistically with a light desktop such as xubuntu.
> If your bios supports boot from network then you can boot you laptop
> and install via a machine with a cdrom.
> If you have a usb port and a machine with a cdrom or a spare cdrom I
> recommend going out and buying 18 quids worth of usb caddy.  Attach
> your cdrom to it and away you go.
> If all else fails goto your local pc parts supplier and ask for a
> ide->laptop hd convertor, remove the laptop hard drive, plug your
> laptop hd into the primary hd bay of a machine with a cdrom and boot
> the machine as normal (this is the route that means you need to know
> your cpu)  if it is a lower rated cpu than the machine your installing
> from you will need to manually downgrade it.
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Hi David

thanks for the reply - well it hasnt got a ethernet built into it - but i
can download from the internet (using WIFI) so maybe i would be looking at
downloading a Linux Image - the machine isnt at all fast - its only got 96MB
Ram and Pentium 2 - 333 - i just want rid of windows and want somthing more
snazzy - becuase of the old BIOS on the Laptop it wont boot from network and
it also wont boot from USB (tried)- isnt there a way i can do it by
downloading an Image and doing it through DOS?


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