[Wolves] NTFS deleted file recovery

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 08:26:14 BST 2006

>  Sorry, this may sound OT but I have really messed up and deleted most of my
> dads lecture notes and presentations from an NTFS partition.   Honest guv,
> if he hadn't moved them to my designated "open  target for space  saving"
> area  then  it would have been OK.
>  Has anyone got experience of recovering files in this situation?   I have
> used a 30quid solution (i think is called PC Tools) that identified over 130
> of his files as being in 'excellent but deleted' condition, however it only
> succeeded in actually recovering about 1 in every 14 files.
>  There appear to be several Knoppix based systems that come packed with
> forensic tools and purport to facilitate recovery from NTFS drives, however
> I am struggling to see the funny side of using them.
>  If anyone can help me to dig free of this hole, I will be very grateful.
> I have no desire to send this disk of to an expensive "specialist" as it
> would bankrupt me just to get their initial appraisal.   That said, if
> anyone can make the time to actually succeed, I will pay a reward......
>  thanks in advance, Leo
"Recover my files" is good only problem with it is that it renames all
the files.  So you'll have to look through them all and find out what
they should of been called other than that thought it will recover
file from a formated drive over  written drive and all sorts.

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