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leo sandhu leosandhu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 19:49:44 BST 2006

> So, does anybody know of a none distro' inclusive website that is
> fairly up to date with cards that do work with Linux?  Yes, I have
> Googled for it...maybe I didn't enter the correct terms?
> You've been looking at linuxcompatible.org ?   I got a bit tired of
finding everything good  to be unavailable in this country.    If I put a
Peter Cannon hat on for just one moment, it may cross my mind that telcoms
and distributors  could be in cahoots when it comes to avoiding the
popularity of big wifi   co-operatives  and technical prowess amongst us

If you want either pci or pcmcia wifi then I have found a decently priced
and helpful outfit in Slovakia..  www.ferimex.com   At this moment I should
say to hold off on buying their pcmcia as mine recently failed and I have
not yet gotten around to exchanging it with them.  However they do not
accept payment by Paypal or Visa, so the only way to send them money (dont
even think about bank transfer unless a huge order) is by Western Union.

Anybody wanting to go the mini-pci option (needed for the Soekris/embedded
solution); I can probably help source these through the lads in the
Netherlands.   Check out wifisoft.org to see more about them and woaf.nl for
dutch details about the event last august.   There are links to suppliers
somewhere on those sites,

Alternatively, if you are happy to try buying from around Europe and have a
little lingo, try to remember that not everybody calls "wireless"
"wireless".   In the Netherlands it is known as "draadloos".   I ask you,
these foreigners, imagine not speaking English :S

There seems to be quite a bit of intrest in wireless around this list, could
I offer my services to talk about how it can be made a co-operative project
for spreading technical knowledge?   Last time I came to a lug meet, I was
trying to get people signed up for WOAF.   While there I was able to learn
about various approaches to enable community networks.  Unfortunately,
trying to get wifi operating smoothly has possibly become one of the most
fashionable technical issues of the day.
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