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Thu Oct 5 12:52:12 BST 2006

On 04/10/06, leo sandhu <leosandhu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Actually I seem to have encountered more shit belikin adapters than anybody
> else I know.
> There are two particularly good (and painful) examples of this.   1 they
> produced a usb .11b stick that was  'guaranteed' to work with linux.   Shame
> that they then changed the chipset (to one that will never work with linux)
> but not the model number so I was effectively palmed for 30quid.
> 2.  My friend bought a particularly popular belkin router from PcWorld.  Not
> only did it later transpire that it had been discontinued by some 6 months,
> the Transceiver functionality died within 12 weeks.   Perhaps if you
> actually keep receipts (my friend doesn't) and enjoy shouting at the poor
> sods in PCWorld, this would not be so bad but I reckon for the price
> differentials, there are better ways of keeping the world afloat....
> Intel chips are, I believe, reasonably compatible with linux.   However, for
> network stability they also suck.   Again, I have encountered several
> systems where the weak link has boiled down to inferior technology.   Unlike
> 10/100mbps wired ethernet, cheaper routers will really bottleneck a system.
>  <4 ping packets sound familiar?
> The only chipset manufacturer that I have not heard a bad word about in wifi
> terms is Atheros.  Go do a google and gasp at the price differential.  They
> are worth every penny of it.

I've heard of manufacturers changing the chipset but not the model
number :-(  But, if it states it is Linux compatible, or, has been
sold with the firm statement that it is then there is a legal case
against the seller.  No messing, if they say it will work with Linux
then legally it must.

Atheros.  Heard of them yes.  What about the Realtek chipsets?  I have
looked at a website dedicated to Linux wifi and the supposedly
supported cards etc.  I wondered why I couldn't find hardly any and
the fact that they were mostly of the 'b' standard, not 'g'.  Then I
noticed that the website hadn't been updated since early 2005 :-(

So, does anybody know of a none distro' inclusive website that is
fairly up to date with cards that do work with Linux?  Yes, I have
Googled for it...maybe I didn't enter the correct terms?

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