[Wolves] RAID on 750mhz processor?

leo sandhu leosandhu at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 02:10:42 BST 2006

Hi guys,

Slowly I seem to be inching my way towards retrieving at least some of my
dads lost data.  Thus far I have 30gb of junk to sift through :(

In an attempt to prevent a repeat occurance and also provide better access
to data, I have convinced my dad that what he really needs is a fileserver
that he can access when out and about..

I am hoping to use an old pc we have just retired from service.  It has an
Asus K7V motherboard and a K750mhz cpu with onboard RAID controller.   The
plan is to go for basic mirroring and then set the server to use storage
quotas and authentication.  Hopefully, the only problem will be that I have
never configured RAID before.

Will 750mhz be sufficient to handle a couple of 300gb drives, kernel 2.6, a
thin debian install and still operate smoothly?
   The few things I have read recently suggest that I could have problems
with the read-write process being slowed by fragmented data if the cpu not
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