[Wolves] RAID on 750mhz processor?

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Mon Oct 9 10:41:21 BST 2006

James Turner wrote:
> Are you thinking of using the Linux kernel RAID ("md" - multiple device) or 
> the RAID provided by the motherboard BIOS? As a general rule, I'd strongly 
> favour the former, on the grounds of:
My initial experiments on RAID worked well with Linux kernel RAID, but 
not with proprietory RAID boards. I was setting up RAID on smbserver, 
which I like.

BUT, though it's a doddle to set up RAID on a linux system, I didn't 
crack what to do when one of the disk fails - simulated by turning off 
the power to one disk. Then what do you do? It doesn't seem to be 
straightforward. Or is it James?


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