[Wolves] wodim error

leo sandhu leosandhu at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 19:18:59 BST 2006

Hi all.....

My woes are growing and now I remember why Knoppix has stayed out of my life
since Ubuntu came along....

The other day I attempted to alter the screen resolution in KDE and while
text is now visible, X does not start as default.   That's not a problem in
itself as simply typing start x has been doing the trick.   Problem now is
that a little apt-get upgrade has resulted in a single package - "wodim" -
not configuring and that seems to be stopping X from starting at all now, it
gets to some stage of snow and sometimes "loading desktop" but will remain
in suspended animation for infinity...

I have tried "apt-get -f" in various forms and that isn't working, neither
has downloading Wodim direct from packages.debian.org.

Please, has anyone encountered a similar problem with Wodim and how can I
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